• Company Profile

    Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Jiang Su Shancong, Guannan Liji Xuzhuang,, covers an area of ​​40,000 square meters, construction area of ​​nearly 20,000 square meters and has 350 employees. Mainly engaged in the processing of wood-based panels, wood products (precious species other than wood processing); sales of products produced. The leading products for parallel to the poplar plywood, pine and linden thin wood veneer and, lightweight low toxicity plywood. All research and development on their own, parallel to the poplar plywood and thin wood panel Provincial Science and Technology Department as a provincial-level Spark Program products, the product's main features are parallel to grain row of boards can be cut plane, high bonding strength, methanol emission line with national standards, is an ideal material for building decoration furniture appliances manufactured. The products are mainly used in the decoration of the large ferry and trailers. Product market, welcomed by domestic and foreign customers, 70% of the product supply outlet. The product is in the growth phase, and the amount of domestic and foreign products available for only 40 per cent of the demand, the entire Southeast Asia market demand will be 20 percent of the rate of increase in each of the next five years, the market forecast is very promising .
    The company currently has a peeling machine, 62 sets of coating machines, cold press, hot press, panel saws, oil furnace and other mechanical equipment, general machinery and equipment, running in good condition. The company mainly produces the raw material for poplar, paulownia, pine, and FCO plastic. Poplar, Paulownia accounted for 80% of the raw materials, pine accounted for 20%. The Guannan northern Jiangsu is known as "poplar base", "Paulownia town," said real estate is very rich in resources.
    Our main products domestic sales market in east China, abroad, mainly Japan, South Korea, United States, Malaysia. Leading products in thin wood veneer is the use of local poplar, paulownia do substrate, basswood, birch veneer do, is an ideal material for furniture decoration and furniture manufacturing. The main features of the a lightweight low toxicity plywood is light weight, the proportion of only 0.4, 50% lower than similar products, Another feature is the low toxicity, the use of international advanced FCO environmental, methanol emission is almost zero, harmful to humans, the in the growing season in 15 years, will not be eliminated. He replaces the metals and plastic materials, consumer psychology to meet the consumers' return to nature, the product is in hot demand in the international market, the market demand. Local hardwood such as poplar and paulownia soil is rich in resources, local materials, low-cost prices, profit margins, is a very good project. Not only enterprises can bring substantial economic benefits, but also to local native hardwood resources are fully utilized, led the local rural farming and related industries, had a huge social benefits.