• Knowledge of the industry: Japan JAS
    Post time:2011/12/28
          Japanese JAS certification has been considered the industry's highest LVL industry a threshold, it's testing standards developed by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, on 81 kinds of agricultural and forestry products developed 292 JAS standards, require all organic products exported to Japan and raw materials must meet the standard. It is reported that, in order by JAS certification, not only the indicators of product quality to meet JAS standards, such as: formaldehyde emissions not exceed 0.4 milligrams per liter, and business planning, production management and product quality is the key test of the project certification . According to the Company stakeholders, can be more smoothly through the Japanese JAS certification, indicating the company's non-structural LVL quality, environmental performance, etc. has been a major breakthrough, and stand on the forefront of the industry for the development of foreign non-structural LVL win market opportunities.
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